Thanks to SKIP from deserving recipients

Our holiday gift recipients say thank you

We’re proud of the work that we do, and it warms our hearts when we hear directly about the impact we have on kids (in their own words!). Here are just a few of the letters we’ve received lately from some of our holiday gift recipients.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sweet gifts that you put in for all of us. With everything going on that absolutely made my day shine even brighter. I loved it all and I especially loved the pen and scrapbook set. The book will great read when it is cold outside. Lastly, I enjoyed the everything. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas.

Thank you for the supplies! I really like supplies cause I can use them to draw drawings. I like the pencil pouch that I got! I really like the chocolate and the candy cane, I ate it ALL. I really like the hot chocolate, I never drinked hot chocolate before and hot chocolate is very YUMMY! I don’t have much notebooks at home, I only have the used ones that doesn’t have space for more drawings but now I have space for drawings because now I have 2 notebooks! Thank YOU!

Thank you for this amazing gift. Kids like me are so thankful for the organization. It’s nice to have an organization like SKIP to think of kids during the pandemic. It was a nice surprise to get a box of goodies. That included a hand sanitizer so I could be safe when I got somewhere. The item I’m grateful for was in the box, the hot cocoa, it is my favorite thing to drink.

Thank you for all the stuff in the box and this is how I will show my appreciation for that. First you gave every kid’s favorite thing because we love candy and that makes us happy and brings joy to all the kids so that makes us respect you. Next you brought something everybody needs right now hand sanitizer and that makes us think that you care about our health and safety. Lastly you gave us a winter hat for us to go outside and you know everybody’s bored right now and that makes us think that you want us to have fun too. And that’s why I and everybody you gave this box to is thankful so thank you again. And I think everyone else enjoyed this box and I did to so thank you for bringing joy in this tough time.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness for the school supplies. I really needed a warm hat, it’s so soft. Next, was the notebook I love to draw and color and draw characters. Lastly was the pouch I needed that to organize my glue and pencells.

I am so thankful for all the stuff you gave me. The candy, I have been sharing with my family, is so delicious. Thank you for the gloves and hat. They will keep me warm in the winter. I also really like that unicorn pencil case. I can really use the galaxy sticky notes to help me get organized. The tape and stickers can help me decorate my paper. Since Covid 19 is around, thank you for the hand sanitizer. Thank you so much for the note book it will help me with the stuff I cannot fit in my other note books. The pencils are useful in case I do not have any other pencils. Thank you very much for the glasses. Thank you for everything you gave me I am so thankful for everything I got.

SKIP Supporting Kids in Pain is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and receives 100 percent tax-deductible gifts from individuals and corporations. We can accept grants from other nonprofit organizations and state and federal agencies.